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Yoga Mondays: pre-recorded

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Every Monday a Yoga video will be available with a new theme and practice that can be carried out in the comfort of your own home, or place of choosing, and at your convenience.

Each week I will put together a new sequence, structured around the latest findings on anatomy and philosophy. I keenly follow the new studies on Yoga through neuroscience and anatomy and am excited to share this knowledge with fun and accessible poses and sequences. It will also be possible to chat about these sequences, creating a platform so any questions, experiences, and feedback can be shared in a wider group experience. Plus you will have the opportunity to speak to me on a 1-2-1 basis where I can help you personally with your Yoga experience.

Included in this membership is also a 6-month back catalogue, making each video fully available for online viewing through your membership dashboard. Each video will be roughly 45-60 minutes in length with fresh new information and exercises.

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Difficulty: All levels

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Yoga Mondays, plus a 6-month back catalogue.

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  1. Enjoyed both the circles videos. Thank you to Sarah Gardener for saying she enjoyed them. So great to have the holidays to do more and use these older ones. Thank you Alexa for making them available.

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