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Every Monday a Yoga video will be available with a new theme and practice that can be carried out in the comfort of your own home, or place of choosing, and at your convenience.

Each week I will put together a new sequence, structured around the latest findings on anatomy and philosophy. I keenly follow the new studies on Yoga through neuroscience and anatomy and am excited to share this knowledge with fun and accessible poses and sequences. It will also be possible to chat about these sequences, creating a platform so any questions and experiences can be shared in a wider group experience. Plus you will have the opportunity to speak to me on a 1-2-1 basis where I can help you personally with your Yoga experience.

Each video will be held on this website for up to a month at a time and will be fully available for online viewing or download through your membership dashboard. Each video will be roughly 45-60 minutes in length with fresh new information, exercises, and the chance to leave your comments.

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The ‘Yoga for all’ membership is £5/month and includes the following classes:
Yoga Mondays

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The ‘Yoga for all mixed‘ membership costs £32 per month and includes a variety of fitness and yoga classes. A full list of membership classes can be found on the Classes page.

7 thoughts on “Yoga Mondays: membership

  1. Brilliant! Alexa. Just signed up for your weekly class. Very excited to be able to continue to practice with you, albeit thousands of Miles away!
    Thankyou for offering this at such a reasonable rate too. Having recently moved to Spain I have yet to find A teacher and this was just what I needed! Muchas gracias. Sara xx

  2. Be careful when bringing together the cheese grater and the forehead! Apart from that, loved the ‘creating space’. I feel like I now have a great big chest like a lumberjack!
    Thank you. S x

  3. So happy to be able to practice with you again, I have so missed your classes. Much love from Dubai to Canada… you have created a truly international yoga practice and technology and love brings us together 🙂

  4. Hi Alexa, are old courses still available as there were some great ones for shoulders and hip openers I would love to repeat x

  5. Alexa this was great. I haven’t done a class with you since combat at FFirst! This class showed how you have grown as a teacher. So informative. Challenging. Flowing. Even the cat enjoyed its moment!
    I will be investigating your other videos as this session really pushed me and educated me. Thank you. Nic

  6. Hello..
    I just did the shoulder release session. Loved all the qi gong moves and the flow from this into plank and downward dog.
    This is all great!

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