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HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training): pre-recorded

Class information

These classes are 30 minutes long so you can include them in your morning, lunchtime, or evening routine. They are high-intensity so you can get the same cardiovascular benefits as two hours of endurance training! They work your upper and lower body, strengthening, toning, sculpting, and turning you into a superhero! Most of these sessions will not need any equipment but occasionally some will. Feel free to use weighted items from around your home to increase intensity. Try one with me, guaranteed mood boost, weight loss, stamina increase, and muscle build. 

Videos will be available via the ‘Yoga for all MIXED’ membership and will be fully available for online viewing or download through your member’s dashboard. These are not live classes so you are free to complete each class at your own convenience.

Get this class through the Full Access Mixed membership


The Full Access Mixed membership costs £32 per month and includes all of the fitness and yoga classes available, so provides the best variety of classes per week. A full list of membership classes can be found on the Classes page.

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