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Yoga and meditation workshops

I have run free outdoor workshops along with my friend Lina from the Neuroscience department at Sussex.

We had two sessions outside in the sun, one for beginners and one for more advanced practitioners. The sessions involved Yoga, Qi Gong, and meditation techniques as well as a talk with Q+A halfway through. The participants filled out a questionnaire after the event so we could gather some stats about their experience. It was interesting! A short movie of the event and an interview with myself and Lina coming soon! (Along with a full-length video of the full event so you can try it yourself!)

There are loads of studies on Yoga and meditation at the moment and I am keen to stay on top of new research. It’s always good to bring this information to the public as I believe it gets more people involved in practicing it 🙂

We will be running more like this in the future. To keep updated please feel free to link with me through Facebook or Instagram.

Ex-veteran workshops

I run workshops and classes for ex-veterans who have suffered from their experiences in the army. I believe Yoga should be made more accessible, so it can help them manage and cope with afflictions such as blindness, missing limbs and PTSD.

The video adjacent shows Charlie Parkinson, an ex-veteran, with blindness sharing his experience of yoga after a class I tailor-made for him.

We are hoping to get charity funding to make videos and workshops available for ex-veterans.

Tailor-made workshops

I am very much open to suggestions for running retreats and workshops near you and all over the world so do get in touch with your ideas! I am qualified to run CPD (continual development credit points) for teachers also as I am a senior teacher with Yoga Alliance.

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