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Hi there...

My name is Alexa and I have been teaching Yoga, Martial arts, Pilates, Qigong, philosophy, and anatomy since 2007 now. I have run studios, teacher trainings, and retreats and am passionate and enthusiastic about my job!

I love studying eastern medicine and philosophy and combining theories with western science to build a bigger picture using a varied approach to wellbeing. This means my teaching draws from many backgrounds. I have studied science and philosophy for many years and love to share what I have learned with my students.

I also like to have fun and create a welcoming environment for everyone from all backgrounds and with all body types! This website aims to bring you a range of live and pre-recorded content to help you stay fit, healthy, and happy.

I am very involved in keeping in touch with my students and welcome questions, requests, and collaborations. Please feel free to get in touch with any questions or queries you might have! I believe we can build an international community where everyone feels welcome and cared for.


  • Over 16 years full-time teaching yoga, anatomy, philosophy, and movement.
  • Over 500 hours Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga.
  • Pilates qualification and personal training.
  • Over 10 years running studios and 6 years running teacher training.
  • Certified YMCA fitness industry assessor and trainer, qualified to teach CPD points training and workshops.

Retreats & Workshops

Retreats and workshops tailor-made to suit your needs, whether it is for you, a group or ex-veterans.


Mentoring for teachers, where you can gain teaching hours (CPD points).

News & Events

Keep up to date and connected with all my latest yoga news and events.

Client feedback

Isla Harvey
Alexa is so knowledgeable and empathetic. I always feel happier, stronger and healthier after her classes. Her warm sense of humor is also very healing!
dimitra britton
Alexa is an energetic, lighthearted and incredibly fun instructor. Her classes are diverse and accessible, and I always feel great after. She clearly has a deep understanding of these practices and is passionate about sharing what she knows!
Jaelynn Quam
The first day I met Alexa she was instructing a class at One Yoga, and greeted me with a big smile and positive energy. The second time she greeted me with a hug. She is not only an excellent teacher but a wonderful person and friend to everyone. I attend her yoga classes weekly and don’t know what I would do without them in my life. They are filled with beautiful philosophies, elements of nature and of course the best jokes. I have learned so much from Alexa and would recommend her classes to anyone. ❤️
judy stevens
Alexa is the most inspirational fitness teacher; both her Yoga and Fight Club online classes are amazing - and great value for money. She brings a brilliant energy, professionalism and fun to all she teaches and has a gift for making everyone feel special and included. Her classes bring a magic into all her students’ lives, creating a unique community we all feel part of. We are really lucky to have her!
Jo O'Leary
I LOVE Alexa's yoga classes! She is the absolute best combination of someone who knows yoga inside and out but doesn't take herself too seriously. I love how she has always given me the confidence to practice yoga, as someone who has never thought they were 'flexible' enough, Alexa always makes a point to remind us that its 'not about that'. As well as all of that, she is a lovely person, kind and generous and if you ever get a chance to go on one of her retreats, do! - Jo Jo
Alexa's energy, patience and passion are phenomenal. I thoroughly enjoyed, strived and thrived in my lesson with her and it was pure joy! I would highly recommend this beautiful soul for lessons and life guidnace.
Amy BR
Alexa is amazing! She has the ability to combine the spiritual side of yoga with incredible in depth knowledge in human anatomy, and physical and biological processes. She has a back catalogue of classes which are each beatifully thought out to cover a specific theme; times of the year, parts of the body, or physical or mental health issues, whilst also including a health dose of humour and fun (also sometimes cats <3).
Bruce Mendes
Alexa is an incredible teacher I honestly can’t recommend her enough to anyone thinking about making a positive impact to their life.
Megan Hudson-Prentice
In my 10 years of attending exercises classes (online and virtual - Apple Fitness / Peloton / Nike), PT sessions, run coaches and gyms Alexa has always been and will always be my favourite instructor. She’s down to earth, accommodating for all levels, fun, engaging and doesn’t take any of it too seriously. If your looking for a way to move your body and feel good about yourself without the typical fitness industry bullsh*t this is exactly the membership you need.

Monthly memberships

Notice to existing students: The live Fight Club and Yoga monthly memberships have been streamlined. If you are currently on one of our legacy live class memberships (for £21 per month) then these are no longer available and will be replaced with a new £25 per month membership. In order to continue having access to all relevant classes please rejoin using one of our new membership options. Your patience and cooperation are much appreciated.

Memberships for you...

I am excited to be able to offer you monthly memberships to Alexa Garside Yoga for all. These will entitle you to full access to selected yoga and fitness classes through this website.

My first membership class will be Yoga Mondays. Every Monday a yoga video will be available with a new theme and practice that can be carried out in the comfort of your own home, or place of choosing, and at your own convenience.

There are a variety of memberships to choose from to suit your fitness needs, so join now and start feeling the benefits of a healthier you!

View your free taster videos...

View your free taster videos above, and also connect with me via my YouTube channel for more complimentary Yoga sessions. If you have any questions about the memberships, or any of the classes, on offer then feel free to contact me.

Individual live classes

Also available is the option to pay-per-class. If dipping in and out of different classes suits your lifestyle better then you can also choose individual live classes, as and when you want to. All live classes are online making it easier to attend, in the comfort of your own home, with no commute! If you miss a class don’t worry as all live classes are recorded, making it even easier to fit some fitness into your weekly schedule! 

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