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Thursday Yin Yoga: live class @7.30pm GMT

Class information

Time: 7.30-8.45pm (London time)
Where: This is an online zoom.com live class and the class link will be available to you via your member’s dashboard.
Class description: Yin Yoga has a different intention to Yang Yoga styles. The emphasis is placed on a smaller amount of poses that are meant to be held for 3-5 minutes or longer using props and cushions to support you. This means the more Yin tissues, like connective tissue and also the bones, are affected rather than the Yang muscles. This means Yin has a great healing quality. It can stimulate new bone and tissue growth, and help deeply decompress the body and all the organs. When we practice Yin, we are opening and massaging the meridian line system. (The same system of channels and points used in acupuncture) This means energy can flow and healing can occur! Get cosy with pillows, candles and essential oils and let me bring you into this meditative practice with science and philosophy.

Class fee

This class is available as either a pay-per-class or monthly membership. If you miss a live class don’t worry as all live classes are recorded, making it even easier to fit some fitness into your weekly schedule! Membership is paid monthly on a rolling contract-free basis and can be fully managed through your member’s dashboard.

Thursday Yin Yoga: single class

2 days of access

This pay-per-class option gives you the freedom to buy classes as and when you choose. Ideal for those who are initially unsure which or how many classes they would like to attend. Once you settle into a routine you may find the monthly options more attractive.

This purchase allows you to attend one live class session on the day and time specified above. Please make your purchase on the day of the class you’d like to attend.

Get this class through the Yoga Mixed membership


The Yoga Mixed membership costs £25 per month and is amazing value for money, as it offers you weekly access to every live Yoga class. Ideal for those who would like the option to join on different days each week.

This purchase allows you to attend any Vinyasa or Yin Yoga live class session, each week, on any day and time as specified for each class.

Get this class through the ‘Yoga for all MIXED’ membership


The ‘Yoga for all MIXED‘ membership costs £32 per month and includes all of the fitness and yoga classes available, and so provides the best variety of classes per week. A full list of membership classes can be found on the Classes page.


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